Water Proof Second Sock




Warm dry feet may be overlooked and underapreciated but in an emergency dry feet can make all the diffrence.These shoes are virtualy free and can be made with items lying around the house. I made this with my mom for her to keep in the car in case it brakes down in the snow rain etc. it took a few tries but i finaly gor a pair that was durable and water proof. the main piece was a from a thick plastic bag that sheets came in i cut one lare oval. determine the back of the water sock and fold the back twards the outside and sew createing a great heel. then fold the front over and sew together,this creates a shoe like shape includeing a toung. take a plastic bag fold up and cut a long rectangle sew the rectangle around mouth of sock to create a small boot. a pair of these can easaly fit into a pocket and on your feet. Good look and enjoy.

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    3 years ago

    A gallon size zip-lock bag will fit most feet and also has other uses