Homemade Water Pump 1.0b (mx)





Introduction: Homemade Water Pump 1.0b (mx)

My first instructable This is a simple homemade water pump made with very common materials but with some important detail in my opinion a little more stable than other

Este mi primer instructable , es una simple bomba de agua casera, hecha con materiales muy comunes pero con algun detalle importante en mi opinion un poco mas estable que otras

Step 1: Step #1 - Materials

Silicone gun
a soda bottle with cap
a gatorade cap
dc motor
computer power supply
a propeller broken water pump

Step 2: Step # 2 - Todo Lo Demas

is very simple, the pictures say anything but change the blue cap as though it is very obvious:)

the day before yesterday and I have finished working in test mode to see if you experience any problems so far none.



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    I had also made this but the water gets into the motor and then the motor stops running please help me in solving my problem.........

    ive tryed this and others dasine and once i glue the cap close the fins dont rotate thay alwase eathor get cout on the side,brake of or thay are not close enofe to the eag to push anything its making me mad. I have tryed 5 times

    I like this. Very creative. How did you connect the motor shaft to the pump shaft? I saw the hole in the pump shaft but did you drill that hole for a precise fit onto the motor shaft?
    Thanks for the great instructable.

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    ok thxs :) ,motor shaft perfect fit with the prop ke guess is a standard measure of the engines of that size had no ke do anything just cut a bit to be more fair

    really nice. looks proffessional too. from what i see, six blades may be better than 3, and a colorful water pump is really nice too! 5 *s

    Welcome to the BIC (Bilingual Instructables Club)! Good work! (Bienvenido al CIB (Club de Instructables Bilingües) Buen trabajo!