Water Separator

the water seperator alows you to make water into simple elements hydrogen and oxygen its also a fun experiment to try

the supplies
two pieces of wire
two pop bottles
a small tube
pieces of aluminum salt
source (i used a 12v 5amp)


Step 1: Step 1

1. first you want to heat up the nail with the torch and poke a hole in the lower part of each bottle so that its slightly smaller than your hose for a tight fit
2. then put your hose in the end of each bottle and seal it with silicone
3. take your aluminum pieces and soldler a wire on each piece
4. now cut a slot in the oppisite side of each bottle and put the aluminum pieces in the slots and silicone seal them
5. fill the bottles with a salt water solution and stick the baloons on the top of the bottles
6. hook up your wires to your soure
you should see bubbles soon after you hook up the source
if you need more details about any parts or more pictures comment



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