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A watermelon cake is a great way to enjoy dessert this summer. Refreshing and delicious!
Homemade, thick whipped cream covers a juicy ripe watermelon, and is adorned with tasty nuts and berries. This no bake cake requires almost no effort and looks fantastic.

I made this watermelon cake for StumpChunkman's birthday, and it looks and tastes more amazing than just about every other dessert I've ever had.

This no bake watermelon cake was inspired by isavea2z's recipe

Step 1: Cut Watermelon

Watermelons are very juicy. It's a good idea to have a few cloths ready, and make sure your have a large enough work area.

Start by removing the cap from each end of the watermelon. You want to remove enough off each end of the watermelon to leave a wide cross section from which the cake cylinder will be cut from.
Depending on the size and shape of your watermelon expect to remove 2-5cm (1/2-2").

Stand the watermelon upright on one of the flat sides. Using a long slender knife cut along the inside of the watermelon just before the rind. Slowly work your way around the circumference ensuring the blade reaches the bottom on each cut. Flip the watermelon over and repeat the cut.

Next, cut the rind vertically to release the watermelon cylinder. Transfer watermelon cylinder to a serving plate and set aside.

Step 2: Prepare Fruit Toppings

Prepare your fruit toppings ahead of time. Warm whipped cream melts, and once the whipped cream is made the clock is ticking to get it to the table.

I chose small berries and a few slices of larger fruit. Some of the berries were cut in half, and the larger fruit was peeled then sliced thin. Each topping was put into a separate bowl and set aside.

Step 3: Make Whipped Cream

Chill mixing bowl and whisk before making whipped cream. Whipped cream melts when it gets warm.
  • large mixing bowl
  • electric mixer with whisk attachment
  • 1 cup whipping cream (33% M.F)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Add all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and whisk on high for about until cream begins to thicken, about 2 minutes. Continue whisking on high until cream forms stiff peaks when whisk is removed.

When the whipped cream is made the clock is ticking; covering the watermelon and adding the fruit should be done quickly, but carefully.

Step 4: Cover Watermelon With Whipped Cream

Place a large dollop of whipped cream on the top of the watermelon and slowly push it of the edges evenly, and work the whipped cream down the sides. Repeat putting another dollop on the top and working it downwards until entire watermelon is covered.

Apply whipped cream covering quickly, but take the time to make it look right. For presentation, whipped cream was removed from the rim of the plate with a damp cloth.

Step 5: Add Fruit

With the whipped cream warming up, fruit needs to be placed quickly to avoid the stiff whipped cream from melting and making a huge mess.

Heavier fruits may slide down your cake sides, so best to put them on the top or slice them very thinly.

From the bottom up, I used:
  • sliced almonds
  • sliced kiwi
  • sliced grapes
  • sliced raspberries
  • blueberries
  • chopped pear

Step 6: Serve!

Slice thin wedges of watermelon cake, just like regular cake. The bright colour of the watermelon inside really makes this cake pop, and is perfect for these long, hot summer days.

Serve on it's own, or with a scoop of your favourite ice cream.

Have you made your own watermelon cake? I want to see it!
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1 year ago

Nice! But does watermelon with whipped cream taste good together?


4 years ago on Introduction

That is such a great and i will get around to making this!!Very creative

Hi! We are planning to make this for our Nutrition Month celebration on this upcoming July 31. My only problem is, our country is a tropical country and we only have the blueberries and strawberries during seasonal times. So I don't have it in my disposal. Could you please suggest what fruits can I replace to the berries? Thank you! :D

Whoa, that looks delicious! I really like the sliced oranges near the base. Tasty stuff, thanks for sharing!

Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro Membership


5 years ago on Step 6

This is delicious! I like it far better than normal cake! I used a "personal" watermelon, since I was just making a little one for my friend and I, but it still works!

2 replies

5 years ago on Step 3

If you add about 1 t. unflavored gelatin to your cream, it will hold up better. Of course you have to go through the normal steps to soften it before whipping the cream.

1 reply

I came in here to say this. :) A bit of gelatin can really stabilize the whipped cream. I usually have to soften it in a bit of cold water, then melt it gently before adding it to the whipping cream.

I remember trying some directions I found online a long time ago that said to just add the powdered unflavored gelatin to the whipping cream. I ended up with little chunks of tough gelatin... ick. Softening/melting before adding works really well, though.