Waterproof, Reusable Great Fire Starters




I made this fire starters 
for my survival kit and as they burn very slowly they can be reused or used alone if enough.
to do this you need:
sawdust charcoal,
a candle,
and an egg box.
to make the sawdust charcoal you just get a disposable metal container with lid (non attachable), put the sawdust inside and put it inside a fire, shaking every minute. When the sawdust is black you can remove it. Now you have sawdust charcoal. If you touch it with a lighted macth it will start on fire almost instantly.
To turn it into fire starters put it in the egg box, until about middle, melt the candle and put the wax in the charcoal, until covered, wait a little and then remove tha excess.When the wax is fully dry, tear the egg box' egg holders by the wax and you're done.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like this idea. I make some fireprooof ones too but I seal them a bit differently using plastic bags and an iron. I made a video showing how.


    they burn very slowly, so, after the fire is lighted you can remove them, stop the fire starter's fire and keep them for next time


    ahh .. ok .. that makes sense.

    What you might want to do instead of risking getting burned by reaching into the fire to remove the unburnt starter, is cut the starter into smaller pieces, like in half or even quarters.

    just a thought.