Wear It Hot or Hold It Cold

Introduction: Wear It Hot or Hold It Cold

I hope you enjoy following my illustrated tutorial: how to create an eco thermos with reused materials.
We need a bottle (I had them from fruit juices), polystyrene or other isolating materials ( I have it from a shipped boxes received by courier, clothes (I used two old anoraks), scissors, and extra :) for those who heard of "the memory of water " and read about the scientific researches that showed the power of words: you can print and laminate a message to put it on the bottle. I have written in Romanian: love and infinite gratitude. A very cool method to have the message on the bottle would be engraving using a DREMEL machine (I don't have one yet but I really hope to win :)) Needle, thread, and possibly other materials that can create flowers or decorations (I used colored felt).

Step 1: Shortly..

STEPS: 1) Wrap the insulation material around the glass, cut the excess, to get the basic round shape put the glass bottle on the material, draw the outline and cut out the shape

Step 2:

2) extra: stick or carv the messages
3) cut a sleeve of the shirt, and enter the circle cut-out, and the glass wrapped in the insulating material

Step 3:

4) sew the end and ...ready :)

extra: cut out some petals from felt or reused shirt, sew them on the upper part and you can have a lovely flower :)

We can enjoy hot tea much longer and in our way with this customized thermos

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