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Introduction: Weather Forcasting Stats

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I've been wondering this question: which weather station provides the most accurate weather forecast? For many people, weather forecasting can make your week alot easier ... if it's correct. For example: if you are deciding that you want to go snowboarding on your birthday and the weather says that it will snow, and it doesn't, well, then that's a bad day.

Hypothesis: I honestly think that accuweather will win this competition.

So, I decided to put some of the weather stations to the test. The weather stations that I tested were:


Weather (it comes already installed on apple devices. I used it on a apple ipod touch 4th generation, iOS 6.1.6)

The Weather Channel

The National Weather Service (NWS)

I tested all of these for a certain area (some weather forecasters might be better in some areas than others so it might be biased in that way) for 5 days.

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Step 1: Collecting the Forecasts

First I collected all of the forecasts from days one through five. The results can be seen above. Many of the weather's are similar over the different days.

Step 2: Gathering Results

Then I gathered the results and put them in the "actual weather" column to compare the results. Then I graph the results (I used google docs: spreadsheet and the make a chart) and used the percentage correct and graphed it in a chart to show my results.

Step 3: Conclusion

In Conclusion The weather Channel was correct. My hypothesis was wrong although accuweather was a close second. My results may change over the course of time and this may have been a good week for some and a bad week for others but my results were as follows:

1st: The weather Channel

2nd: Accuweather

3rd: NWS

4th: Apple weather

I hope this helps you! and good luck with the weather forecaster that you choose!

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