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Introduction: Wedding Favors

recently i made a weeding favors from sackcloth so i wanted to share with you how did i make it :)

i designed it for candy coated almonds so boxes are 2.3" , if you want it for chocolate you will need bigger size .

what you need:

_ 1 sellotape

_ cardboard sheets

_ 300 small fabric roses
_4 large fabric roses and 4 leaves for the lid

_ glue gun and 12 glue sticks
_ a ruler

_ a pen

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Step 1: Prepare Materials

let us cut the cardboard and sackcloth lie this:

• for the small boxes:

box cardboard: 100 walls each one 1"X6.5" _______100 hearts each one 2"X2"

box sackcloth: 100 walls each one 2.4"X6.7"______ 200 hearts each one 2.2"X2.2"

lid cardboard: 100 walls each one 0.5"X7" _______100 hearts each one 2.3"X2.3"

lid sackcloth: 100 walls each one 1.5"X7.2" ______ 200 hearts each one 2.5"X2.5"

• for the large box:

box cardboard: 1 wall 10.2"X40.2" _____ 1 heart 12.6"X13.4"

box sackcloth: 1 wall 21"X40.5" _______2 hearts each one 12.8"X13.6"

lid cardboard: 1 wall 5.1"X41.2" ______ 1 heart 12.9"X13.7"

lid sackcloth: 1 wall 10.7"X41.5" _______2 hearts each one 26.3"X14"

NOTE: you may not cut half of the sackcloth hearts and keep them squares o when you paste them on the outer area you can cut the excess and don't get the surprise of irrelevant sizes

Step 2: Boxes and Lids

  • cardboard:

fold each wall from the middle then use the sellotape to attach it to the heart

put the fold in the top of the heart as shown in the picture and paste the ends to the bottom corner of the heart

  • sackcloth:

cut a small piece from the corner of the end of the wall to prevent overlapping inside the box/lid

using glue gun paste the walls from inside

when get cool fold the cloth outside to cover it and paste from out

when get cool cut the excess

paste one heart inside and one outside

now you did them just add the roses to the lids :)

let us go the large box

Step 3: Large Box

use the same steps like the small boxes

a suggestion: paste the inside heart before walls for both small and large boxes to be easier

congratulations you did it like a professional !! :)

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