Wedding Gift (napkin)

Introduction: Wedding Gift (napkin)

To make this wonderfull wedding gift you will need linen fabric, a ruler (i used a book) scissors and a pen. For later you will also need a needle and some thread.

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Step 1: Outline

Measure out a rectangle which you will make your napkin with.

Step 2: Cut!

Cut out your napkin

Step 3: ..

This is what your napkin should look like cut out

Step 4: Mark

Mark the spots where you will have to pull out the strings of linen to make a nice pattern in your fabric. linen is made of little strings and if you get a needle you can pull them out from the marks.

Step 5: Pull Out

pull out the strings from where you have marked on each side.

Step 6: ..

This is what it should look like when the strings have been pulled out.

Step 7: Sew

Sew on the edges of where you have pulled out the strings and you will come out with a highlighted napkin.

Step 8: ..

This is what it should look all sides sewed on.

Step 9: Embroidery

you can sew on the new weds names on or something special.

Step 10: Iron

Iron your napkin.

Step 11: Pull Again

To give your napkin a nice touch pull out the ends like in the photo

Step 12: Finished!!

And there you have your beautiful napkin which you can give as a present at a wedding and you can make a really nice box like i have and put it in the box buy some flowers or cake and the new weds will really appreciate your pretty handmade present. :)

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