Whats for Lunch? Speaker on a Foodbox!

Introduction: Whats for Lunch? Speaker on a Foodbox!

About: DIY hobbyist since childhood

on this instructable i will show you my home made speaker for guitar, mp3 player, VCD player, etc.

i based my work on the available parts that i found in the famous place for electronics here in the philippines that we call "Quiapo". you can find there the electronics supermarket, stores for electronics hobyist and students , etc.

i will teach you how i have done it.

Step 1: Step1: Materials...

First, how can you make an instructable if you dont have materials?

well here are the materials that you need

1. Foodbox
for the electronics
2. 0.1mf capacitors -2pcs
3. 100mf    "              - 1pc.
4. 220mf    "              - 1pc.
5. 5K VR                    - 1pc.
6. 100ohms VR       - 1pc.
7. 10ohms resistor  -1pc.
for the jacks, and other...
8. mono jack              -1pc.
9. RCA jack                - 1pc.
10. Mic Jack                -1pc.
11.plug for power source -1pc. (depends on the type of the power source you will use)
12. Switch                    -1pc.
13. ETC....                     - N/A  Ü

Step 2: Step 2 : Circuit Making

first before soldering the parts together on a PCB you must test it on a Projectboard to see if it works properly. And if it works fine, time to put those little bastards where they belong.

On the etching process, design the PCB on the way you want but dont forget to follow the circuit design, then after you etched the PCB, make sure that those were not meant to be shorted are not shorted or else your work will be messed up.

solder the parts and make it ready for the next step...

Step 3: Step 3 : Mounting the Parts to the Foodbox... and Ready to Rock!!!

After you finished working on the circuit, time now to put those things inside the box.

first, cut the cover depending on the size of the speaker that you will use,
after it drill some holes for the screws for the speakers.
then mount the speakers by screwing it to the cover, you can use glue instead of screw, but me i prefer to use screw.

second, on the container part, drill 7 holes(but mine was 6 because i cant find a 100ohm potentiometer, i just found a trimmer) for the switch, RCA jack, mono jack,and other that needs mounting on the casing,

after drilling the holes mount those pieces and solder them according to the diagram that i had shown you earlier.

at last you are now finished!!!!!

watch out for the version 2 of my work...Ü

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