Wifi Robot With Realtime Video Transmission, Hurdle Detection and Light Sensitivity




Introduction: Wifi Robot With Realtime Video Transmission, Hurdle Detection and Light Sensitivity

This project is a robot vehicle that can be controlled through any computer wirelessly using a WiFi link. It transmits real-time video to the controlling computer using the same link. The video transmitting camera mounted on it is 360° rotatable. It also has hurdle detection and light sensitivity feature.
Usually robots are controlled through a remote using an RF link which is subject to attenuation, noise and has a very limited range as well. This project features a robot that uses WiFi 802.11G standard for its control signals through TCP/IP protocol, which has flow control. This enables uninterrupted and reliable transmission of control signal to the robot vehicle. WiFi support high data rates which enables good quality uninterrupted video transmission from the robot to the computer. Camera rotation is done by mounting an IP-camera over a geared motor controlled through a bridge circuit. Hurdle detection is done using Ultrasonic sensors which work on sonar principle. Light sensing capability is another supporting feature added to the robot for its flexible operation, it is done by using Light dependent resistors.
This robot is capable of moving with speed of 12Km/h up to a distance of 200m from the controlling computer. It has rechargeable batteries which can support 1.5 hours of full operation. WiFi link enables the use of access points between the robot and the computer thus the operating range can be increased several times. It is applicable is areas like blocked tunnels, pipe lines and enemy zones which are not reachable due to high risk level, blockage or because of our physical limitations.

to view and download the complete project   VISIT http://www.projectpiles.com/
o download code and other stuff of this project goto CLICK HERE 

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    2 years ago

    Hi, this seems an awesome project but unfortunately the link you provided is not working. Will you please mail me the project details, schematics and codes?


    Thank you very much

    I am working on something almost exactly the same only using lego for my prototype.

    Youve got my vote, though you might want to separate all the functions into different steps.