Wii Nunchuck Earbud Case




Introduction: Wii Nunchuck Earbud Case

lets say you bought a wii nunchuck for some other project and you didn't want to use the original case or maybe your wii nunchuck just broke but you don't want to just throw it away.
here's something you can do: make a case for your earbuds

things you will need:
wii nunchuck case

after you have unscrewed your nunchuck (if it's got triangle head screws you can just drill the screwheads off to get it apart), taken it apart and removed the electronics we can begin

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Step 1: Place

first place your earbuds in the handle like this

Step 2: Bring Wire Through

hold the earbuds down with your thumb and bring the end of the wire through the z button hole.
pull the wire all the way through

Step 3: Through C

next bring the wire back through the c button hole

Step 4: Joystick Hole

next pull the wire through the joystick hole and snap the top down onto the bottom
then pull the wire all the way through

Step 5: Coil

now push the wire back into the hole, coiling it around the space inside
using a finger to guide it around will help
once you have it mostly coiled you can stick the plug down into the hole in the center

Step 6: You're Done!

you're done!
now you can throw that in your bag or your pocket or wherever without your earbuds getting tangled up or crushed or broken somehow

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