Wind Turbine




wind turbine frame size
1) side poles of blade section 30 cm
2) upper rod size of 25 cm and support with base of wood block
3) At center of upper rod fix the bearing of small size of hole 1 cm with help of aluminium plate     fixed at center by soldring machine
4) same at the bottom side bearing of small size of hole 1 cm with aluminium plate
5) shaft of plastic roll of 1cm width and height 25 cm
6) blade of aluminium or plastic sheet of tick gage and make it in shape of S type shown in image
of size 20 cm height
7) cycle dynamometer of 6 volts fixed at the bottom of blade
8) output will be 6 volts and can be increase by using step up transformer
9) led blub of 6 volts
10) speed of dynamometer can be increased by using gears of 1:10 ratio



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    It appears that you've made a pretty nice little wind turbine, but it's hard to tell.  This Instructable could really be improved with many more details: how it was constructed; pictures of it under construction; where you got the parts, etc.

    Regarding parts: "bearing 1" and "bearing 2", "rods", "shaft of plastic roll", and "cycle dynamometer" don't provide enough information.  You don't necessarily provide a complete detailed parts list; just say something like "the bearings came from an old skateboard" or "the cycle dyno says 'Acme' on it but I don't know anything else about it".  If you don't know the name of a part or material, a couple of good pictures of it (put a ruler in the photo for scale) will work just as well.
    Don't worry about language or spelling; we're all friends here.  Provide enough details and people will figure out what you mean.  Like I said, it appears that you've made a pretty nice project, and this is where you want to show it off! 

    Cheers, and thanks for your first Instructable!


    9 years ago on Introduction

     Can't see it either. [Windows vista, Chrome]
    Never happened before.