Wind Up Radio 3v Power Supply



Introduction: Wind Up Radio 3v Power Supply

This instructable will show you how to build a 3 volt power supply out of a wind
up isn't very complicated ,all I did was take the wires going to the
flashlight bulb and reroute them to a hole in the exterior case.
hope you like the instructable.

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Step 1: Open It Up

This only took a minute and when its open all the parts are 
clearly visible ,

Step 2: Down to Buissness

cut the wires that go to the lamp,if their is no lamp, connect
your wires strait to the capacitor that holds the generated charge.

Step 3: Closing Up

you can drill a hole ,but I didn't need to ,there was already a hole in the case
the main picture also shows  the capacitor where you would have connected 
you'r wires if you didn't have a lamp .

Step 4: Done

now your finished your output should  be around 3 v .
Hope you liked the instruclable.

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