Windows 7 Using Windows Help

Hey! Everyone, my name is Han. Welcome to windows 7 using help windows system. every computer from our school is using windows 7 system. This program is one of my favorites. It helps people understand more about Windows 7 system. ( and (

here is a few steps you need to do to open windows 7 help.

1.To open Windows Help and Support, click the Start button , and then click Help and Support.

2.On the toolbar in Windows Help and Support, click Options, and then click Settings.

3.Under Search results, select the Improve my search results by using online Help (recommended) check box, and then click OK. The words Online Help will be displayed in the lower-right corner of the Help and Support window when you are connected.

If you think this is too much work to do then the fastest way to get help is to type a word or two in the search box. For example, to get information about wireless networking, type wireless network, and then press Enter. A list of results appears, with the most useful results shown at the top. Click one of the results to read the topic.

Step 1:



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