Windows 95 on Android




Introduction: Windows 95 on Android

hellow friends my name is aman gupta I am a student of class 9 in st.joseph ,nikamudinpur machhalishahar jaunpur and I am going to show you how to run windows 95 on android no pc needed

Step 1: Software Needed

limbo pc emulator
windows 95.img file
hackers keyboard

Step 2: How to Run

1.Open limbo pc emulator on to virtual machine and create new virtual machine
3.Select user interface to sdl
4.Click on cpu model to qemu32
5.And increase the number of cpu cores to 4
6.Select the ram memory to 120
7.Open the hard disk a and brouse the winsows 95.img and select
8.Now press start and wait for some time for boot up



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    2 Discussions

    I know it is possible to do these things, even Windows 3.1 etc, but one question, why???


    This is great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!