Wine Cork Coasters

Introduction: Wine Cork Coasters

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I had some wine corks left over from a different project so I decided to make coasters with them. This is a simple project to make. The corks I have are cut in half so that one side is flat. I had scrap wood I glued them too that was 1/4 inch in width. Cork sizes are not all the same so line them up the best you can and then cut them so that there straight. You can make different patterns with corks too if you choose.

will need one of these to cut wood

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


hot glue gun

hot glue sticks

saw hand or jig saw

tape measure


straight edge

sand paper


wood to mount corks on. 1/4 inch

corks collect own or order online or craft store

Step 2: Glue Corks

I first laid out the corks for where theyre going to be glued down. Try to get the cork sizes the same if not can always cut later. Once you have them laid out where you want start gluing them down one at a time. I used a hot glue gun but could use other glues too. If you want can add weight to them to push down the glue so they stick better.

Step 3: Cut and Sand

I used a jig saw to cut the coasters. I glued them on one piece of wood about the width of the corks. After they dried. I cut the individual coasters trimming off some of the corks when cutting. can leave the corks the length they are for a more natural look I squared mine up. After that sand the edges and your done.

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