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Introduction: Wing Mirror Squeegee

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Add extra function tovyour auto club membership card

Step 1: Parts Tools & Safety

Auto club membership card or other credit card sized plastic card (don't use a current credit card)
Rubber band appropriate 6mm wide (1/4") collected from path dropped by postman.
Nail scissors or craft knife to cut the band. Safety note if you are not the owner of the scissors the grief you will get if you don't return them or are caught using them is probably greater than the slight risk of injury whilst using them.
Super glue (cyanoacrylate glue) read the product safety use with care as it is very easy to glue yourself together.
Solvent (not shown) that doesn't melt the card or rubber for cleaning both. I used lighter fuel (fluid not butane) isoprop or meths etc will do as well.

Step 2: Assembly

Cut band clean both it and the back of the card with your solvent of choice.
Apply a thin bead of glue to the end of the card.
Place the card on the cut band so that about 1mm (1/32") isn't covered by the card.

Step 3: Finishing Off.

Trim the surplus rubber band and return the scissors if they weren't yours

Step 4: Use

If you don't have heated mirrors or like mine they no longer work I find this simple squeegee much more efficient than a wipe with a finger or bit of rag, & you do use your wing mirrors don't you.

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