Winter Watering Chickkens

Introduction: Winter Watering Chickkens

needed something simple for watering my chickkens without using electricity

Step 1: Preparing

you need a bucket a bolt and nuts some rubber and metal rings and a clay flowerpot

Step 2: Drilling and Cutting

dril a hole in the bottom of the bucket (same diameter as the bolt) cut the bottom loose from/of the bucket and turn it. You have now a bowl that fits into the bucket when you turn it

Step 3: Assembling

push the bold through the bowl bottom use on both sides a rubber and metal ring and thighten them firmly so its waterthight

Step 4: Assembling the Clay Flowerpot

assemble the clay pot first a nut over the bolt, to ensure some little distance between claypot and bucketbowl bottom for the claypot gets very hot. Then a metal ring to make sure the hole in the claypot is closed too. Then the claypot again a metal ring and a nut to thighten it together. Also make an opening in the bucket side. This is for easy lightening the candel later on and fire needs O2

Step 5: Final

put the bowl with claypot in the bucket. Perhaps some Alluminium on the inside of the bucket as isolation to keep heath inside. fill the bowl with water and enlight a small candle. the heath of the candel heats the claypot witch gets very hot. This will prevent the water from freesing without getting to hot for drinking

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