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wire rings were the first item of jewelry I started making. I watched a YouTube video and fell in love.. I've been making them ever since(:

this ring is so simple to make and so cute to wear. it can be totally versatile too, you can make it as short or as tall as you want, as thick or as thin as you want, it's totally up to YOU!

difficulty: beginner

-wire cutters
-sharpie (or, something that is close to the size of your finger)

Step 1: CUT

first you're going to cut off a piece of wire to the length you want.
!¡remember, if you cut a 6 inch piece of wire, your ring will not be 6 inches up your finger since you'll be wrapping the wire multiple times¡!
at the tip of the wire youll want to make a loop with your round nose pliers. this is just so that the raw wire doesn't cut your finger while you're wearing it.

Step 2: Wrap

take your wire and wrap it around your sharpie, or if you feel comfortable you can use your finger which is what I did. in my opinion it's easier this way

so just wrap and wrap and wrap until you have your desired height

Step 3: Loop... Again

so that the other end also doesn't cut your finger, you'll loop it also
TA DA! you're all done!



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    4 years ago

    Cool! I might try this!