Wireless Headphones

Introduction: Wireless Headphones

with these headphones you dont have to keep your ipod attached to you. 

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Step 1:

you can use any type of ipod for this project. If you go to the apple store you can probrably  get a "itrip". an itrip can transmitt the song your ipod is playing over a radio signal once you put the itrip into the ipod the sounds from the ipod will be transmitted along a radio frequency showen in the middle.

Step 2: The Walkman

the radio signal from the itrip will be found by this sony walkman if you change the radio signal of the itrip to match the radio signal of the walkman now plug some big headphones into the walkman. now you should be able to hear the sounds on the ipod through the walkman. (there will be a bit of radio static wich you can change by ajusting the itrip frequency) l

Step 3: The Last Step

now attach the walkman to the top of the headphones with anything from glue to rubber bands.

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