Witchblade-inpired Cardboard Bracelet

My inspiration for this was the witchblade anime series: This is one of the witchblade bracelets I made. I used five layers of posterboard glued together for the band itself and the oval on the top is from a car freshener package. I first drew out the pattern on the first layer, coated the inside with glue and let it dry, then I applied a little more glue and coiled it inside a circular holder I made for it. When it dried, I glued four more layers inside the band, one at a time, allowing each layer to dry before gluing on the next layer. the final layer glued in is a flexible foam plastic product called "Foamies" to sweat-proof the inside. Then I removed it from the circular form and cut away the extra material. The dome is mounted on stiff foamboard and glued to the top of the band: I cut the band along the top to make it possible to take it on or off and the dome covers the cut. I then spray painted it dull gold, which is the closest color match I had for the original bracelet. The second pic is of an older attempt to make one: The band is made the same way, but the teardrop is made from foamboard with a red plastic stone in it. Sorry about the pic quality... I had to use a second-rate camera phone to take it with.



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