Wood Rings (made Only With a Drill)




this is a simpe way to make rings without veneer. the only powewr tool you will use in this project is a drill.arbor hole saw, and a size 18 drill, some sanding paper[120 works bestfor this] and a wood burner*OPTIONAL*

REMEMBER: this is not the best way to make rings and you can only make these with hardwood's

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Step 1: Making the Base

first lets get the best size off wood, the best size is just a litlle bit finner than the hole saw, [i used a 2,5x1x100 oak plank] then you clamp it down and mark a hole with a little offset from the middle to the top or bottom.

Step 2: Getting the Ring Drilled

so when you have everything clamped and marked you drill the the rings shape, at first you use the hole saw to make the outer shape of the ring *DO NOT DRILL ALL THE WAY THROUGH THIS WILL LEAD TO A HELL LOT OFF STRUGLLING* then you take your size 18 drill and drilll the inside of the ring, and after youre done finish drilling with the hole saw.

Step 3: The Finishing

after you finished drilling you should get something like this or a circle, then you just put it on your drill [or make a cone thingy to fit the ring like i did] and sand away till you are satisfied with the result

Step 4: Fancying It Up

if you are satisfied how it looks now, then stop, if not continue. so next step is to stain it and burn it [i used salem maple 110 stain], and then burned a shuriken shape onto it and the finished result is BALLER

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2 years ago

English motherf***er, do you write it?!


Reply 3 years ago

Huh, never tried exotic woods, but ill keep that in mind, it should ease the job as it is already hollow.


Reply 3 years ago

Not sure there is one, just get the measurements of your finger and get a drill the closest to that (i suggest a little bit bigger) and the add a 3mm to the size of the inner drill bit and that will be your outer drill size
In short (finger width+1)= inner drill, and ( inner drill+~4)= outer drill


4 years ago

I'm not sure why you didn't just drill the center hole first and all the way through the wood. After that all you have to do is use the hole saw to cut out the ring and sand it. Was it that hard. Like the pattern on the ring though.


4 years ago

not sure why I never thought of drilling the outer ring halfway through on the first pass so thanks for the tip! looks awesome!

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Reply 4 years ago

Thanks. First post so didnt think i would do it good