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Introduction: Wood Sanding Art

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i dont know how to call this technique so tell me, this is as dificult as the drawing you want sorry for the really bad pictures, beliebe me this thecnike is so cool !
you need: 
plywood or wood
sand paper
water based wood stain
a brush

pirograph (optional)
i have some ideas to use the dremel tool here like making some narrow lines or someting like that i just got one but i dont used it  here

Step 1: Sand and Stain Your Wood

it has to be super soft before you stain the wood, i dont use a brush to aply the stain i use a cloth, aply it in the same direction of the wood grain don worry if you get an uneven finish, you can ad more lines with the stain simulating more wood lines

Step 2: Draw and Sand

you can start drawing on the wood or transfer using grapyte or carbon paper.
then sand, sand, sand, in circles i used #150 sand paper the more you sand the clear tone you get,
this is so gradual you cant make mistakes but if you do you can aply more wood stain with a little brush

REMEMBER when you aply the barnish at the end the contrast will ephatise: the dark tones will get darker and the the clear more clear

Step 3: Finishing Details and Barnish

i used the pirograph to make some black lines and a little brus to ply a little more of stain in some parts to make them darker
i used the pirograph to decorate the edges too
and now, barnish !

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    6 years ago

    Great work, wish that I could express myself as well as you have done. Voted for !