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in this instructable i am going to make a wooden boat toy from an old pallet and to scraps that i had laying aroud in my workplace. the boat is powerd by 2 rubberbands . this is my second istructable so its not perfect but i did realy enjoy making it and i hope you like it .

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Step 1: Step 1 the Idea

I got the idea to make a boat when i walked through a toy shop i saw a plastick boat . After some google searching i got the idear to make it rubber powerd (picture 1 ). So it was an even better toy. i started sketching and making a plan .

Step 2: Step 2 : Clean Up Your Work Shop

my entire shop workshop was a mess after my last project so i had to clean it up before i could go to work

( remember a clean shop is a safe shop)

Step 3: Step 3 Glue the Plan on to the Wood

i used a part from a pallet for the wood .To glue the plan on to the wood i used a glue stick and painters tape this makes it really easy to peel the paper of after you are done sawing .

Step 4: Step 4 Sawing the Boat

i used a jigsaw to make the cuts ( i don`t have a band saw ). but before you saw anything make sure to wear the appropriate protection and that the work peace is clamped firmly (dust collection isn't a bad idea either) .

to make the peddle i used very thin peaces op scrap

Step 5: Step 5 Drill a Few Holes

first i drilled a hole on each side for the rubber bands to go trough . than i drilled the hole for the plugs who are going to hold the rubber band in place

Step 6: Step 6 File Some Details and Make 2 Plugs

u used a file to shape the boat and to make a window in the cabin. than i used a file and some sandpaper to make 2 small plugs with a hole filed half trough.

Step 7: Step 7 Glue Up

i use water resistant glue to glue on the cabin and the plug`s .

Step 8: Stap 8 Assemble and Lacquer

u assembled the paddle and gave the hole thing o few coats of spray lacquer .

the last file is a video of the boat going trough the water .

the end



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I really like this boat. It's a nice present for children to use in the bathroom or swimmingpool!