Wooden Solitaire

I found a small cheese board and wanted to make a solitaire board. it took about an hour altogether

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Step 1: First Things First, an Outline Needs to Be Made. I Simply Used a Ruler and Pen and Made a Grid of 20cm Squares. X~ing Each of the 45 Points of the Grid Points I Marked Them With My Dremels Small Grinder.

Step 2: Widening the Circles; With the Pilot Holes Marked I Widened Out the Holes With the Ball Grinder. As This Was Done Late in an Apartment It Was Loud and I Rushed It.

Step 3:

the dremel was slow and loud so I switched to my drill and a 12mm bit, I dug deeper and then switched back to the grinder.

Step 4:

the dremel softened the edges making it easier for the marbles to sit in.
cleaned it up and got rid of the markings
all done

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