Wooly Jumper to Cushion




Introduction: Wooly Jumper to Cushion

Make a snuggly cushion using an old or unloved wool jumper.  I added an applique design from a cushion i made previously. 

Start by cutting the arms off. Then accross the shoulders and down the sides. Use the seams as guides.

Next make the front and the back pieces into  rectangle shapes. You can also use the arms if you open them up.

Step 1:

Now is when you add an applique design if you want to. To make one like mine draw a design on a sheet of paper. Cut out and lay on your chosen fabric. I used a wool tartan scrap. Cut out and add any embelishments.

If making one small cushion from the front piece, fold in half and pin in place your applique. make sure you dont pin it to the back of the cushion
If using the front of the jumper as the front of a big cushion pin applique in place.

Ignore the cream fabric around my applique this is where i cut it from the old cushion i had made before.

Step 2:

Machine around your design with an edging or zigzag stitch on your machine. Use a thread colour that matches or a contrast colour.
Go slow so you keep it neat.
Again there is extra cream fabric on mine as i did not want to cut too near my dog design. I tucked this in as i sewed along. You wont have this.

Fold or place fabric right sides together to make your cushion.  machine a zig zag stitch half inch from edge around 3 sides twice for extra strength. The zig zag stitch helps with the stretch on the wool.

Step 3:

Turn through.  Pop in your cushion inner.
Hand sew the open end shut.
Add 3 odd buttons for decoration.

One cute snuggly wool jumper cushion


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    Thanks for that i had not noticed. 2 snowmen cushions would be cute for christmas on the sofa.Hope you make them for this winter


    6 years ago

    Months ago I bought the exact same thing (a wool-like jumper) I would never wear with snowmen on it. Specifically with 2 winter DIY pillows in mind! (You might want to edit your 1st sentence to say cushion or pillow instead of jumper twice...just a typo). Great idea for self or a gift!!