Working Steampunk Hand Cannon




Introduction: Working Steampunk Hand Cannon

            Are you tired of the usual "model" steampunk guns which do nothing and are just for show? if you are, then this is the instructable for you! Not only can you show it off to your friends, you can also shoot them afterwards!

            This is basically a pneumatic chapstick gun made to look steampunk with the use of various household objects.

            The Idea of the chapstick gun came from another instructables user named "Professor Hognutz". When I saw his intructable, I told myself: "You know what? This would be really cool if it  was steampunkified!" 

            Theres a video in the last page (page 4) if you want to see it working.
Comments Apreciated! :D

Step 1: The Firing Mechanism

              The firing mechanism was not my Idea, it belongs to Professor Hognutz. It involves pulling out the corkscrew from an empty chapstick and using the airtight plunger found inside to fire the cap. To find out how to do this, go to Professor Hognnutz's instructable by Going to this link:

Step 2: The Asthetics

              When designing your steampunk hand cannon always keep in mind the hearth of everything steampunk: Brass and Leather.

              just be creative! review other steapunk designs and base your Ideas from those.

              My design involved the following: leather from an old belt, A brass air pump needle, a broken speaker from an earphone, and that brass cap thing you get from cheap laser pointers (everything was attatched by a gluegun). ill just add captions on the images below so you see which is which. asthetics

Step 3: Firing It

1. Take cap off
2. Pull plunger
3.Replace cap on
4. Rapidly push plunger.

See images below for further detail
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Step 4: Video

heres the video:

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Well done my man. Will be using this as a prop for a costume.