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Introduction: Working Gun Replicas

these are some guns i have made over the summer. i give full credit to bakenbitz for the ak, and trauts for the g36c and the rest of the g36 was made by me especially the mechanism which is a fool proof semi auto rubberband shooter that can hold as many as you can manage to fit on the gun without the barrel itself breaking. i might post the mechanism to the gun depending on how many people want to see it. the barrett 50 cal and the m110 with silencer i shall not post cause im lazy and probably wont have time to make an instructable since im going to skate camp next week.



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    is the barrett 50 cal instructions on youtube?? please reply...

    please post instructions ;)

    You're smug. I am Jealous. You have ALL the guns built AND have LOADS of K'nex left. I envy you... (echoes)

    POST THE BARRET PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you should post the m110 and the g36c, great job! :)

    I know that the text reads that you're not gonna post it, but please do post the m110...
    I really love it and the m110 is my favourite sniper rifle.