World Super Easiest Phone Stand(vertical Stand)

Introduction: World Super Easiest Phone Stand(vertical Stand)

Hi! I'm Kalvin Chen.I like to create and invent stuff.Almost all of my project are made from recy...

ok,I gonna show u how to hack a tissue roll into a vertical phone stand.Unfortunately it's only for cellphone.This phone stand is perfect to watch video on your cellphone.

Step 1: Everything That U Need...

1)tissue roll
2)a used pen
3)super glue(or whatever glue that can stick plastic together)
4)a scissor
5)a saw
6)pen(still function pen)

Step 2: Do It

1)cut the tissue roll into half(for more accurate draw a line with pen first)
2)glue the used pen onto the roll(for better result slide your phone into the tissue roll and adjust the angle)
3)cut the remaining of the pen with the saw
4)done,try it

this phone stand also can stand horizontally,but,its dangerous because it is very high and may fall down and cause your phone die,I won't responsible for any deaths of phone(funny,right?)

now step with picture



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