Worlds Brightest Led Flashlight 3

Introduction: Worlds Brightest Led Flashlight 3

Useing a sst 50 to make 1200 lumen in a MTE light , with a brass heat sink. Used a mir aw 18650 lithium battery for better out put.



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    Yes, your two examples aren't exactly pocket models. For shooting accurately in the dark, I'll stick with my SureFire for the time being.

    build a 3000lm one (yes, its bigger, but i'm looking to shrink it to only slightly bigger than that and, planning to make a ~10000lm one that should be about the size of a 6V lantern battery.

    A SureFire is a 6W halogen bulb that uses high-power lithium batteries. It is about the size of those standard LED torches that pop up in many different shops for about $10 each.

    The SureFire is called that, because it is intended for use in the dark as an aiming tool for a pistol. It is capable of lighting up the side of a building. It is a genuine "flash light" because it is only on for as long as the button is depressed. Because of their tight tolerances and over-driving the bulb, batteries and bulb usually require changing at the same time, which costs about $60. Bulb and battery life is mere cumulative of 2-hours, and they are not a cheap purchase.

    Okay, so you're saying a 6w incandescent is brighter than 30w of LEDs? I don't think so. Theyre about 910-920 lumens each, and they're crammed into a head that's maybe 3/4 of an inch dia. Pretty sure that wins for brightness over the "over driven" bulb (which would need MORE replacing, not less). Plus it cost about $30, wheras a surefire E2 costs $95. Point is, this isnt the brightest flashlight. (also, I meant I built, not build, in my first post).

    I read it wrong, the bulb would need constant replacing. Would you really want to use something that is so over-spec that continuous use makes it burn out? Also, if it costs $60 per two hours, that means that the led (with rechargables, because I used them for the sake of recharging cost). Would cost $0.05026 per hour, so yours costs about 600 times as much to use. Not exactly "better".

    For Security and Police work, the answer is "Yes". As each activation is only for a few seconds or less--a quick flash into a corner when doing a patrol is all that is required, and one is already moving so if there is a "perp" involved", he doesn't have a continuous beam to aim an illegal fire arm back. That two-hour life span is cumulative, so I found that mine would last 3 months at a time----still expensive, but what price do you put on a human life?

    NO! I am not associated with SureFire to promote the product.

    Okay, so you add a momentary switch in parallel with the clicky. Now it's brighter, longer lived and just plain better. Yes, surefire is more expensive but a) mine (nor the one you made) is for police work, and b) cost doesn't mean better.

    Agreed. Except that I did "make" it. It's now standard issue to Australian police instead of the much bulkier Mag-Lite.