Worlds Smallest Firing Knex Gun




Introduction: Worlds Smallest Firing Knex Gun

i made this when i was bored, i am not 100% sure that this is the worlds smallest so please post if it is not ( it only uses 4 pieces)

Step 1: What You Need

this is what you need:
1 white conector (8 slots)
1 blue rod
1 black rod/ conector

Step 2: Adding Ruberband

make the ruberband only go over the hole once, with the rest keep wrapping it round somewere away from the hole

Step 3: Add Blue Rod

push the blue rod into the hole on the side were the rubberband isnt covering up

Step 4: Add Black Connector/rod

push it on the end of the blue rod which has been through the hole and should have a bit of elastic on the end of it

Step 5: Firing the Gun

to fire the gun, hold onto the black rod/connect and pull it back, this should force the blue rod to get forced out of the hole, if the rubberband is weak try a yellow rod



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    43 Discussions

    Post pics! Or an ible on it! I didn't know a two piece Knex gun was possible... Mine is three pieces and smaller than this one.

    I posted it at the very beginning when knex guns were first around but Instructables deleted it because it got to old.

    yeah...right, Along with your 1000 shots a second fully auto knex gun with a clip of 10000000000 pieces .

    What?, an 8 shot pump action rifle is not revoloutionary, I was not even boasting. Think before you type next time.

    including ammo or not? because i made a peashooter type thing (fires actual knex pieces) out of 2 pieces including ammo.