Worlds Smallest Maze




This is the smallest maze I've ever made, and you can make it on your computer almost entirely free (that is if you include buying windows, the computer, the printer with ink and paper!)!

Note:Only ink jet printers with at least 300 dpi work, 600 dpi works best!

other than the stuff listed above, you'll need to download some image editor.
I posted a freebie! If you already have one, you can use it instead.

click here for the editor

The pic below has stretched!

Step 1: Calculate the Size

First, how many cells by how many cells do you want it?
For example 17x22.
Multiply the x and the y by 2 to get 34x44.
Add 1 to the x and the y to 35x45.
This is your size in pixels.

Step 2: Make the Image

Open Microsoft Paint.
Make an image with pixel dementions you calculated in the last step. Make sure you set the image to black and white in Paint.
Press the zoom tool and click on the little white line on the box.
This zooms in more than 8x.
Take the line tool with black as the color.
Draw lines to make a grid.

Step 3: Make the Maze Step 1

switch to white, still using the line tool, to draw the answer path.this will cover up some of the black pixels to make a path

Step 4: Draw the Maze Step 2

use the same method to draw dead ends.
you may draw dead ends off of dead ends as well!
save to bitmap format and close paint.

Step 5: Format for Printing Step 1

open the editor (the freebie, or the other...maybe photoshop).
in my case, the freebie.
open the maze in it, and do the following:
change the resolution to 300, keeping the size in pixels the same.
change the mode to greyscale.
save and print to you ink jet printer.
you'll end up with something like below.

Step 6: Maze Drawing Tips

1) leave a gap in the outer walls for the start and finish.

2) draw the answer path first

3) dead ends only connect at one end.(no loops)

4) there are only one start and one finish.

5) the maze is solvable.(not imposible to get from A to B)



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    im goiong to make the worlds bigest maze with the smallest pasages like this... the size of this make over and over again a billion times!!!!

    13 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ...which would promote even more trees to fall to replace the ones that have turned into a paper maze.

    wow, im sure hes goin to use SOOOOOO much paper isnt he............. he could use a thousand sheets an that would be one mabye two trees, an WHY AM I ARGUING OVER THE INTERNET, even better, WHY ARE YOU??!?!?!??!?!?!?