Wrigley Gum Container or Altoids Speaker

About: I am 14 and enjoy pretty much everything old. my talents are baseball and annoying people with cool but useless facts. other than that I am a normal teenage homeschooler that owns a model T.

materials: gum container or altiods container. earbuds that will fit inside whichever one you have. hot glue gun. drill. drill bits. old black sock with no match. and something to cut with

Step 1: Dissasembling the Earbuds or Headphones.

if you have earbuds skip this step. if you have headphones like I do  you have to disassemble them. first take them off the band that goes around your head. then tear the squishy things off and you can throw them away. next you will take out the screws and take off the  backing. you will have to cut the backing off the wire but DO NOT cut the wire. cut the extra plastic off from around the actual head phones to ensure they will fit. 

Step 2: Drilling Holes in Container

this is where you have a decision to make. if you have headphones you can stick them to the bottom of the container with the magnet on the back or you can glue them to the top. if you have earbuds you can do the same but you will have to glue them either way. make sure the bits are the right size before drilling. after you drill the two top holes drill a hole on the side for the jack to go through.

Step 3: Threading Jack Through Hole

thread the headphone jack through the hole you just drilled

Step 4: Put Headphones In

either stick headphones or earbuds to the bottom or to the top. I did mine to the bottom.

Step 5: Glue Jack Cord Into Place

glue the cord coming out of tin to tin so it doesn't rub and cut the cord

Step 6: You're Done

you are now finished with your speaker



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Step 6

    Nice work young man!
    I saw your comment on the go cart and that your working on an old Ford tractor. I hope you post some pic's of your build. I am working on A International Farmall 400 and hope to post some of my work soon. Good luck to you and keep building!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Step 6

    thank you and good luck to you. I will probably post some on either sunday or Monday. so far on the tractor I have found that the alternator is bad and the starter is also.