Xbox 360 Usb Keyboard




Introduction: Xbox 360 Usb Keyboard

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how to hook up a wireless or wired usb keyboard to xbox 360

Step 1: What You Need

wireless or wired usb keyboard

usb keyboard receiver for wireless keyboard

xbox 360


Step 2: Wired or Wirless

i have a wireless keyboard you can use a weird keyboard but i like every thing wireless

Step 3: Hook Up

if you are using wired just plug it in the font of the xbox 360 wear the two usb ports are

Step 4: Wireless Hook Up

plug the receiver in the back not the front the back is better looking trust after you plug it in make shore the keyboard is synced with the receiver it will not work if it is not

Step 5: Your Done

ya your done that was easy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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29 Discussions

what if i don't have a separate keyboard?

Can i use a usb keyboard on my 360 offline

Can i use a usb keyboard on my 360 offline

Can i use a usb keyboard on my 360 offline

On my xbox 360

On my xbox 360

Can i use a usb keyboard with out being off line.

really????? i seriously never realized i could use my pc keyboard with my 360...i have my pc right next to my xbox and messaging on the 360 is annoying.

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You can use a KVM switch so you can switch the keyboard between the PC and the Xbox.

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I Only have feet what do I do?

Spell checker ... dude.
Maybe brush up on your grammar, just saying.

My daughter just bought a Xbox 360 S, this info. is perfect.

I have one of these for the xbox and it works great. You have to have a wireless headset to chat when you are using it though. For the PS3 try the Fragenstein mouse. Also works well.

i plugged a microsoft (ms) mouse and ms keyboard but i can only write names,texts. i tried halo 3, didn't work,not surprised. back to controllers

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Yeah, it's basically just for Xbox Live...otherwise it serves virtually zero purpose.