Yard Art Glass Flower

Introduction: Yard Art Glass Flower

How to build a beautiful glass flower for your yard!!


  1. drill
  2. diamond drill bit for glass cutting
  3. pipe bender
  4. E 6000 industrial strength adhesive

materials need-

  1. steel pipe
  2. nut
  3. screw
  4. glass bowls of your choice of different sizes

Disclaimer: this project requires some glass drilling/cutting so make sure all proper eye wear and other safety equipment is used at all times.

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Step 1: Bending the Pipe and Inserting the Nut and Screw

First you will want to take the pipe and pipe bender and bend the pipe

once the pipe is bent take the nut and insert it into the pipe so you can insert the screw into the pipe this will allow you to later attach the glass bowls.

Step 2: Cutting a Hole in the Glass Bowl

Disclaimer: make sure you have proper eye wear and correct safety equipment before drilling into the glass

take the diamond bit for the drill and slowly drill into the glass ensuring you keep the glass wet while drilling this will ensure a clean cut into the glass and not cracking the bowl.

Step 3:

now that you have the bent pipe and the glass with the holes cut in them its time to assemble the parts.

  1. take the screw out of the pipe
  2. you will take the bowls and assemble them with the biggest first than the medium one than the smallest one.
  3. use small amount of adhesive to ensure the glass bowls will stay attached to each other.
  4. once you have the bowls assembled on the pipe take the screw and screw on the bowls to the pipe.

Step 4: Finished Project

once you have the finished project now its time to find a spot in your garden to place your glass flower.

Enjoy your new beautiful yard art!!!!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That looks awesome! And excellent addition to any garden! Great first instructable!