Yard Faucet ( Water Spout )installed

Introduction: Yard Faucet ( Water Spout )installed

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Welcome to my instructable on installing a yard faucet. This is more of a how I solved a unexpected problem I encountered while installing my water spout, but I had to come up with a title in order to begin,so here we go.
 For starters I live in a trailor and every winter so far my pipes have frozen. So,a solution was important,after consideration I decided the easiest way was to hook up a inline water spout so I could shut off water on coldest days and still have access to water if I needed. The type spout I chose was the type that drains under ground when shut off to prevent freezing,(sounds appropriate right).
Where I live the freeze line is 16 inches under ground,with this in mind i purchased a three foot tall water spout thinking it would come out of the ground by two feet.(still with me) All is good with the world and seems so simple, I love the easy jobs.
Let me stop here and point out the steps in this particular instructable will be named,problem one,problem two, and problem three, and so on.

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Step 1: Problem One

Sorry no picture of this part,I did not think to grab the camera just yet,(it was sposed to be simple,remember).
 As I began digging in the place where the water line should have been, after two foot I realized something was wrong,I had not reached said water line and dug twice as far as I figured I should have.Wait a minute, I paid five hundred to have my line professionly installed. Now it was time to start digging side ways,(looking for water line).

Step 2: Problem Two

Finally after about three hours,and with my twins help,I have located the line three foot further away from where it should have been. And the reason for this became apparent as I was beginning to uncover a rock the size of my jeep while digging. The man paid to install my line must have chosen to go around the rock. Funny thing about it was, when i found the line it was only about six inches deep,as he also chose to angle and climb steeply at this point.I decided to make this location my water spout , faucet location. Now my problem seems to be the faucet chosen was a foot to long and not going to be deep enough under ground to keep from freezing.

Step 3: Problem Three

Sorry once again for the lack of a hook up picture, but is was only a inline elbo connection bought after cutting off a bit of line and running to town to get the right size,held on by double hose clamps at both ends i swear. I also surrounded the fitting with about a foot of gravel.
Now it is time for my solution to the shallow line problem. If you have read any of my other instructables, you will be aware of the fact that I have lots of rock, and by rocks i mean boulders.Since my frost line is 16 inches I need to come up with more dirt at the connection point. As you can see from the photo, I surrounded the pipe ( water spout )with rock, leaving roughly a foot and a half distance to the pipe from any given spot.I also have highlighted the picture to show where I drove a spike into the ground to help stabilize the pipe.

Step 4: Just Solutions Now

Now i have begun to fill in with dirt to act as a insulater,four inches then follow with heavy tamping,four inches more dirt and more tamping, and so on untill the top edge of rock is reached.The little rocks around outside edge in the second picture were place to make it level as i could with the edge closest to the trailor.

Step 5: Capping Off

Final stage is placement of my favorite rock ever,When I found this rock it was two foot wide ,four foot long and ten inches thick. As I begun to edge my tractor up under it the rock split into two five inch thick pieces two foot by four foot. What unbelieveable luck.I have saved these pieces for just the perfect project for six years. Now I can place them on either side of the water spout and make a nice four foot by four foot platform. In the final picture I chose to place portland cement in between both rocks to keep them in place in case of accidental tractor bumping. It has been two years and with carefull monitoring of weather predictions in winter,I shut off water before the coldest days hit and allow it to drain, and turn it back on when the weather warms. It is simple enough to fill water jugs to last a few days and water buckets to flush comode with. Even when it is freezing, I just turn water on long enough to refill water supply and right back off to allow it to drain under ground. My water has not frozen for two years, and this has become a place for visiters to sit and do outside talk,every body really seems to like it.
I hope you have enjoyed this pictures and little story, see you next instructable.
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