Yarn Bracelet

what you will need. you can be sent any color yarn that you want

Step 1: Cutting the Yarn

measure the yarn twice around your wrist . then double it. do this for all of the colors.

Step 2: Connecting to Paper Clip

put the ends of all of the yarn together of the end that doesn't have a loop. put them through one of the ends of the clip. double-knot it.

Step 3: Making the Bracelet

tape down the clip to help you. (optional) separate one color from the rest. place it under the other colors. then place it over the other colors and through the loop. grab the one color in one hand and the other colors in the other hand. pull to the top. do this about ten times.

Step 4: Adding On

switch colors. do the same thing you did in the step you did before this. do it about 10 times then switch colors. keep doing this until you reach about a half inch to the bottom

Step 5: Finishing

take one of the three loops and hook it to the paper clip. then cut the ends of the strings on both ends but not too short so it doesn't come apart. then you have it



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