Yoghurt Rice

Introduction: Yoghurt Rice

Ingredients required:
yoghurt 1 cup
little milk or water
crushed pepper
mustard seeds
cumin seeds
split black gram
green chilli
curry leaves
cooked rice
cashews roasted

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Step 1: Procedure:

cook the rice and keep aside. For 1 glass basmati rice add 2 glasses water and cook the rice. Allow to cool. Now take a pan add oil. when oil is heated add mustard seeds.when they crackle add cumin seeds,split black gram and fry for few seconds. Then add crushed black pepper,curry leaves and green chilli.switch off the flame.Now take the cooked rice. Add yoghurt , little milk and mix properly. Then pour this mixture on top of the rice and again mix.If rice is thick u can add little water. Finally add salt and garnish with coriander or grated carrot.

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