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Every other day or so I think... I wish the bag didn't suck down into the trash can when I press the trash down to fit more in it. you have thought this too.

simple but effective and you'll use it every day. put in a vote for me if you like it!

Step 1: So Fix the Problem...

simple but effective. stick your command hook on there where it will hold that red string tight and you've just improved your life.

Step 2: Hook It.

since my can has a locking lid, the bag is held in the back already. I just need one hook on the front for the string.

if you have no lid just put one on the back too.



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    I love the idea. Wish I had thought of that!

    My bag is always sneaking over the side and back into the garbage can. You say your locking lid captures the bag in the back - I'm assuming that you are snapping the lid (hinge) over the bag to hold it. Doesn't that put holes in the bag?

    I would think that if you rotate your bag to put the strings on the sides and use hooks on each side you would get better performance and be more aesthetically pleasing. :-)

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    Reply 3 years ago

    sometimes it makes holes in the bag but not most of the time. but it's at the top and doesn't rip enough to matter when I take the garbage out. i do like the sides idea though. as for aesthetics, I just used a big hook because that's what I had on hand. smaller hooks would look better, and you can even get them in silver. thanks for the comment.


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    You need to give your project a slightly more descriptive title, even if it's just "Kitchen Bin Hack".

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    3 years ago

    Kiteman is right. Consider changing title


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    Hey, that's very useful idea!

    Kiteman's right, you need a little better title.