Your First-aid Kit Made of Cardboard

Introduction: Your First-aid Kit Made of Cardboard

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this is best for camping or your house. if your camping this should go in your tent/cabin. or you could somehow put it in a bookbag while hiking.

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Step 1: The Supplies

you will need,
2of pieces paper (small),
1 popsicle stick,
4safety pins,
5paper clips,
paper towel,
7 toothpicks,

Step 2: The Kit and First-aid

now fold the cardboard to a square and tape it. now if you want to, take some cardboard and get little pieces of it. then tape them toegether to make a cross, now color it red. then tape it on the kit. or you can get 2 bandades and make a cross. it is your choice. now to the first aid. take the string and tie it on the kit and clip the pen to it. now take the 2 sheets of paper and roll them toegether. now put your rubberbands on the take everything else and put it in their somehow. now you have your on first-aid kit.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    seriously this would give me a b in my class i mean come on