Your Own Personalized T-shirt!

Introduction: Your Own Personalized T-shirt!

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i remember once upon a time i bought t-shirts now i have my own awesome personal t-shirts the make a great gift and there easy

Step 1: What You Need

1. a shirt
2. an iron
3. a computer can't be too hard ;)
4. microsoft word
5. the ability to read this instructable
6. computer transfer paper from staples
7. a printer 

Step 2: Getting Your Picture

first find a picture you like from google images then copy and paste it in to a document.
then above you shold see a red box that says picture tools then click on it go down and click on the thingy that says rotate and go on flip horizontal and (i know it's backwards)
do the same thing if your using word art on it

Step 3: Finally...

now put the transfer paper into your printer, click print and iron the paper onto your t-shirt and it should come out frontwards on your shirt now go show it off :) 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    AaaaHA! You also need a printer. I have a laser printer. I don't think that will work.