How to Make a Simple Leyden Jar




this instructables will show you how to make half inch sparks even on a rainy day!

Step 1: Materials

The materials that you kneed are very simple:

tin foil
film can
fine wire
regular wire
a wool cloth
a 4 feet long pvc pipe

Step 2: Getting Started

Easily screw the screw in the film can.
then cover the outside of the film can with one layer of tin foil (use the tape to hold it down). Then tape a regular wire onto

Step 3: The Tricky Part

The catch is that you have to get tinfoil to cover the inside of it.
To help I cut a strip of tin foil and put it on like I was mounting it to the front but I slid it in the inside. Then you wrap the oghther regular wire around the bolt on the inside (it helps if you take off the cap). Take the same wire and bend it so it is touching the inside foil.

Step 4: Fine Tunning

To do this you have to put the fine wire and wrap it around the outside bolt. This is what picks up the electrons. Lastly put the leyden jar close to the pvc pipe and put the cloth around the pipe and push and pull you get sparks.

Step 5: Trouble Shooting

If you have any trouble making sparks here are some sugestions:

1. Tighten your grip on the cloth and push and pull harder and faster to make more static electricity.
2. Check to make sure that the inside wire is toching the tin foil.
3. Make sure the cloth is wool



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    If you wanted to save some time (and spelling problems) you could've just posted the instructional you got your pics and information from:


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    No I was just to layzy to get the photos of my jar and download it on my computer

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    Ahhhhh, reverse sexist name assumptions. NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS, INTERNET PEOPLE - ahem, I mean, you really shouldn't assume you know the gender of a poster based on their name.


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    He said it may be featurable if you fixed all the faults.

    It will never be featured if you leave the plagiarised images in place.


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    lmfao Kite, don't you just love the little noobs? It reminds me of when I blogged at age 10, and purposefully misspelled things because I mistook it for "cool". The sad thing is, he's probably searching everywhere as to how to block you.

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    I'm slightly confused about this being allowed to stay in the pocket contest with plagiarised images...?


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    Leaving aside the question of whether you are the person who actually came up with this, your Instructable is more likely to be well rated, and possibly even featured, if you use correct spelling and grammar.

    The word "instructable" actually appears at the top of the Web page. Kind of hard to misspell.

    For the rest, every misspelled word you typed should have been flagged with a red dotted underscore (if you're using Firefox). Consider fixing them.

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    I did come across this on my own with no pictures then I filled it with copied photos and thanks for the comment, did you try it if so did it work?