Zombie Doctor Who

Introduction: Zombie Doctor Who

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docotor who zombie costume 


old tweed jacket
white shirt
bow tie
home made blood
plastic brain & head band
plastic heart 
sonic screwdriver

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Step 1:

first get the plastc brain and make two slits in and feed the headband through, 
then once on head spike the hair round it so the band is hidden, then add the fake blood

blood is made with golden syrup, red food colouring and cornflour

mix to a blood like consistancy then dribble over the need parts

Step 2:

get the plastic heart, we got ours from a pound shop and sew a piece of red fabric to one end then sew the other end to the chest part of the white shirt, once its in place and you have the shirt on dribble over some of the fake blood to make it look like your heart is hanging out, then put the jacket on

Step 3:

finally paint the face pale and add some of the fake blood to face and hands etc to create the flesh eating zombie look get yor sonic screwdriver and you are now a zombie doctor who 

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