Ikea-structable Contest : an EXPEDITed Bindery

Introduction: Ikea-structable Contest : an EXPEDITed Bindery

this is my bindery (pic 1). and that too (pic 2). and over there as well (pic 3). as you can see, my "bindery" is more of a "bind-it-if-you-can-find-it-ery." so in an effort to make my bindery more binder-friendly, my sister and i have designed a little (or not so little, as the case may be) studio re-organization movement!

it involves one 5x5 EXPEDIT, a desk, and a bunch of little drawer and cubby units. as you can see from the plans, i'm hoping to get all of my paper supplies off the floor, and also squeeze in my two printers, hand tools, heavy duty tools (stuff like drills and hammers and sticker-making machines), as well as the little odds and ends like loose cardboard pieces (currently stuffed in the blue and gold drawers seen in photo 1) and half finished projects (also currently stuffed into blue and gold drawers seen in photo 1). the EXPEDIT would replace all those drawers, some of which have snapped from so much hard work over the years, and would also replace the white little Cube Thing (seen mostly in photo 2), which isn't as sturdy as it could be, and has been damaged from overwork (read: pilot error).

the other thing i'd like to implement can be seen in the example photo at the end. that is actually my sister's implementation of the studio re-organization movement. she's got a 4x4 EXPEDIT, and she's installed DIODER lights along the underside of one shelf and uses the cubby below as a photo studio for her jewelry, which she sells online. i'd love to try that with my books, as i still struggle with how best to photograph them, even after five years of selling them. (^^;) she uses the strip light DIODERs, and i'm thinking one package of those combined with some of the spot light variety would give the best lighting for my books, which are rather larger than her jewelry pieces.

as for tables, as you can see, i've already got two of them, one of which is also an IKEA baby, but i'd like to ditch the dark brown one, as it's not exactly complementing my decor. the EXPEDIT and desk would be white, and the drawer fronts/cubbies would probably be white, too, at least until IKEA decides it likes how amazing my living room wall looks and comes out with some wine-colored drawer fronts/cubbies.

as an added bonus, all the books i'm hoping to shove along the top row will help absorb some noise from my obnoxious upstairs neighbor! (^_^)-b

now, help me win this contest, everybody, and go vote for me. i promise to take copious pictures of construction and assemblage!

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