Introduction: Knex Assault Rifle

Knex assault rifle

This is my first Knex gun that I have published so it might have a few minor problems but nothing big. If you know of any ways to improve my gun i.e. power, accuracy, strength ore attachments pleas let me know.

What this gun does

1: shoots at a medium range

2: accurate at about 10 meters

3: one of the attachments is a grip at the front of the gun to enable you to have more control of the gun

4: it also has a scope mounted at the top of the gun for better accuracy

5: one of the other perks of this gun that stands out Frome the rest is its ammo capacity as it can easily hold 20-30 rounds a mag .and a good thing about the mag is it is easily detachable

6: my favourite part of the gun is an attachment at the bottom of the gun that has a one round shot for emergence which looks like a grenade launcher so that is always a plus

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Step 1: Layer 1

This is the first layer of the gun .All you have got to do is copy the images

Step 2: Second Layer

copy the image

Step 3: Layer Three

copy the image

Step 4: Gun Protection

copy the image

Step 5: Loading the Gun