Knex Dual Blade

Introduction: Knex Dual Blade

About: i am a guy that lives in the netherlands and plays amnesia I RARELY MAKE SHOOTING GUNS

so i just came up with this awesome blade idea and i think is has worked out pretty good. i have added some sturdy and comfort features for you guys.

-nice handle (i like it and it's comfortable too)
-finger holder thingy for more comfort
-nice  weight (around 1 pound)
-sturdy and looks awesome IMO

-can't make sudden movement chances with it or it will break at the handle
-uses broken pieces 
-awkward handle angle (the blade is nice and comfortable but the handle tilt's a little bit forward and i don't like that) 

i made the pictures so detailed as i possibly could so you guys can make the blade just out of the pictures 

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    7 years ago

    These are pretty cool! Well done.