Knex Fair Rides Ideas!!!!! Updated! for 2015 December 2.

Introduction: Knex Fair Rides Ideas!!!!! Updated! for 2015 December 2.

About: im very smart i like to do chemistry and i love learning about blood cells and i love building knex and storm chasing.ok

this is for all the knex lovers out their!

Step 1: Pirate Ship.

the pirate ship is a awsoeme knex fair ride.

Step 2: The Swings.

this is also another cool ride at the knex fair.

Step 3: The Claw.

this is a thrilling and fun ride that is found in fairs.

Step 4: The Fliper.

this is an insane looping ride.

Step 5: Spinning Fun.

these are fun but dizzy rides.dont forget the tilta hurrall!

Step 6: Ferris Wheels.

these tall but fun rides will help you see all the rides.

Step 7: Roller Coaster Tube Track.

these scary, thrilling rides will make you scream.

Step 8: The Twisty Swingy Thingy Magiger.

you spin my head right round right round!

Step 9: Tower Power.

going up? going down!

Step 10: What the Is That

Step 11: Swing Thing Ring Ding.


Step 12: The Helicopter

up down left to right.

Step 13: Bonus! Classic Coaster Ramp.

up down!

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    5 years ago

    Dude, these are so cool! I love the spinny ones a lot! I am following you!