Introduction: Aquarium Cover - Laser Cut

We wanted to create a new top for our teacher's aquarium. We have had issues items falling in the aquarium and water splashing out onto the light. In order to improve the health and safety of our fish, we decided to utilize our schools Universal Laser and cut a new cover from .22" acrylic.

Step 1: Measuring the Aquarium

We began by measuring the inside dimensions of the aquarium opening. There was a "lip" around the top that made a perfect location for resting our new top in. We also had to calculate the dimensions of our filter. This area would have to be factored in for our design.

Step 2: Creating a Cut Path

In order to create the part on our laser, we had to create a digital image of the design. This design was exported to our lasers software.

Step 3: Cutting the Part

We placed the acrylic in the laser and calibrated it to cut through .22" material.

Step 4: Installing the New Cover

The completed cover worked great. The water no longer splashes out and items are less likely to fall in.

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