Introduction: Adjusting the Bandsaw

The blade guard, guides, and speed can all be adjusted.

Moving the Blade Guard and Guides

The blade guard helps to prevent contact with the exposed blade. Adjust the blade guard and guide every time you use the saw.

  1. Open the upper door.
  2. Loosen the blade guard lock with the blade guard wrench.
  3. Adjust the blade guide to be 1/4" above your material.
  4. Snug the blade guard lock.
  5. Close the door.

Adjusting the Blade Speed

The blade speed should be adjusted for each cut.

  1. Use the chart on the front of the saw to determine the correct speed for your material; slow (steel) or fast (aluminum).
  2. Clear the table.
  3. Lower the blade guard.

The speed adjuster must be changed with the saw on.

  1. Turn on the saw.
  2. Adjust the speed by rotating the handle.

The hi/low selector must be changed with the saw off.

  1. Using the instructions above, adjust the saw to its slowest speed.
    • The lock bar between hi and low will move out of the way when the saw is in the slowest position.
  2. Turn the saw off.
  3. Lift the gear change lever, and slide it to the desired setting.
    • You may need to open the cabinet and hand rotate the wheel while trying to fully engage the gears.

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